Monthly Favorites: October 2014

    Monthly Favorites: October 2014

    I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty stressed out about how quickly the end of the year is approaching! October went by like a swift gust of wind, but I did have enough time to develop a love for some new products. Some of them are now staples in my routine that I don’t know how I could have lived without!

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    At the beginning of October, I cut the hair that took me so long to grow out! It was just time for a change, plus my ends were damaged and split beyond repair. It took a little bit, but I feel like the cut is finally settling into a style I like. My original plan was to grow it back out to be much healthier, but I might keep it at this length for a while!


    This month, I’ve been working really hard on a class project to organize an on-campus event to prevent drunk driving. My group had a table on campus last Thursday, where we had students wear drunk goggles that mimic the blurred vision at different levels of intoxication. While wearing them, they had to try to toss a bean bag into a bucket about two yards away. It was so fun and the turn out was more than we could have hoped for. I’m so glad that our hard work paid off. (BTW, if you ever need a ride after partying hard, use our code UBERTHEBLINDSPOT for a free Uber ride up to $30 for new users).

    October was great, and I’m excited (although anxious) for the next couple months which will be full of food, family, and fun!

    What have you discovered this month?



    1. That drunk goggles game is great! I think all universities need to do that. I also have a Turbie Twist (and knockoffs) that I love. It’s the closest I can get to the ‘plopping’ technique. And how did you not have a wide-toothed comb? I love mine so hard. I keep one in the shower for helping me apply conditioners and hair masques, too.

    2. I’ve actually been using all my tried and true beauty favorites lately, not too much new for me. Love seeing what you discovered!

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