Monthly Favorites: May 2014

    Monthly Beauty Favorites: May 2014

    I won’t lie, I’m very happy to see May come to a close. No more school for about three months, the Allure awards hubbub is over (more on that in my video!), and I can just focus on me. I’ve been trying a ton of new things this month, but only 4 items have really stuck out among the rest as favorites. Mm… I’ll be honest… the Z Palette made this list because I just think it looks so damn pretty.

    Products Mentioned:

    Non-Beauty Favorites:


    After working so hard this semester, and going crazy over my finals, I ended the year with a solid 3.75 GPA! I’ve managed to make Dean’s List (aka honor roll) all but one semester of my college career, and I’m honestly stoked that I was able to keep it up through working a day job and taking my blogging to the next level! Go me!

    I’m totally obsessed with the latest Paramore album. I know it came out last year, but I finally delved into it and have been jamming to it nonstop. My favorite song is “(One of those) Crazy Girls.”

    What have you been digging this month?



    1. Congrats on the great grades! hope you get to enjoy a little downtime this summer. That Z palette looks so awesome filled with all those pretty shadows

    2. Some great faves! I love my Z palette, too – I seem to only grab palettes these days – my single shadows get no love. Also, congrats on the grades and Dean’s List! I haven’t heard that Paramore song, but I do love ‘Still Into You.” Poppy, I know, but so what?

    3. Yay for GPA. 🙂 I love those Maybelline Color Elixirs… I have 2. And, maybelline lash love is one of my favorite mascaras. I swear… my favorites is so long… I have a ton for may I couldn’t narrow it down

    4. I’m stoked to be done with school too and the summer break will be sweet before starting the next semester in the Fall. You know everyone always talks about the Color Elixirs but I have yet to try one out and I’m not really sure why!

    5. Way toooo go girl with those great grades. Congrats and whoooohoo schools out for summer. Great picks in your favorites though, love love love the hair ties and the Maybellien Lip Elixirs are my fave. Great post!


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