Mom’s Must Have Beauty Products

    This weekend, despite being smack dab in the middle of finals, I headed into the woods to my mama’s house to celebrate her birthday and Mother’s Day (which is always the same weekend). My mom and I have always been close and I thought it would be so fun to film a video about her must have beauty products!

    Mom's Must Have Beauty Products | Slashed Beauty

    Like most girls, I started out with makeup by playing with my mom’s products, and inevitably ended up incorporating her favorites into my own routine. You may have even seen some of the makeup she mentions in my tutorials!

    I would say she’s simplistic when it comes to her beauty products. I’ve tried giving her makeovers in the past, and she still prefers her holy grail favorites that she has been using for years. Sometimes, you just know what works for you!

    Products Mentioned:

    Do you remember playing with your mom’s makeup as a kid? Which of her favorite products did you end up using down the line?



    1. My mom was into makeup when I was a kid, and she’s still into it now, although she’s a lot less adventurous. She still has pictures of me ruining her Pupa palettes 🙂

    2. Adorable. But you also made an interesting point that’s relevant to my blog, Miranda. Having a hard time growing the blog among women your mom’s age for the very reason you mentioned. Most, but not all, prefer to stick what they bought when they were 25 and they use their makeup till it’s finished up 🙁

    3. I used to paint my face with lipsticks like it was noone’s business. Maybe it was a sign I was meant to do makeup for women?! Love those tweezers, they are a must have!


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