May 2014 Beauty Box 5 Review

    May has been such a crazy month so far. Both the final round of the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards and my final exams are this week; I’m going mad! At least I had the delivery of my Beauty Box 5 to help take my mind off things for a while.

    May 2014 Beauty Box 5 Review

    I’ll be honest, I was kind of meh about this box after the exciting stuff we got last month… mostly because of the sizes of the samples. Regardless, at least the products I received are useful, especially as we transition into summer. There’s something for every aspect of your beauty routine.

    Unboxing & Product Descriptions:

    Product Breakdown:

    1. Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths (Sample Size, Retail: $2.97)
    These body wipes are great for freshening up either after the gym or just on a hot day. I’m really excited to bring these with me to Disneyland on Friday… it’s supposed to be 100 degrees! Hopefully these will help me feel clean and cool.

    2. MaskerAide Hydrating Facial Mask (Full Size, Retail: $5.99)
    This mask promises to minimize pores and absorb impurities, all the while being hydrating. It contains Geranium Oil, Seaweed and Green Tea Leaf Extracts for a vegan and eco-friendly face treatment. I’m looking forward to using it as a post-finals pampering. My skin has been freaking out lately… hope this helps!

    3. Harvey Prince Hello Perfume (Sample Size, Retail: $55)
    Yum! I love this light fragrance for hotter days. It’s got the hint of citrus with the soothing scent of florals. This is a super subtle perfume that only those close to you will be able to smell.

    4. H20 Plus Aqualibrium Marine Cleansing Gel (Sample Size, Retail: $18)
    I don’t know why I feel so cheated by this tiny little sample size… it’s soooo small! Either way, this cleanser feels really cooling. It does contain bright green exfoliating beads, which I’m not entirely sure if they are natural or plastic; the brand’s online ingredient glossary didn’t lend any valuable information.

    5. Cattiva Precisione Eye Liner (Full Size, Retail: $20)
    Waterproof crayon liners are a staple for any makeup collection for tight lining and smudge-free smokey eyes. This is the star of the box for me, purely for the value!

    ’Twas an OK box. I just feel that the majority of these items could have been obtained for free as gifts with a purchase, you know? Also– where was the cupcake??! However, they are all products I can see myself using up fairly quickly.

    You can order your own Beauty Box 5 subscription for $12 a month, or buy products separately at

    Just a reminder: there’s only two days left of voting for the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards! It’s the very last round, so votes are more important than ever! Thanks so much for your support thus far. It’s been a tough competition, but it means so much that you all have my back!



    1. I actually liked this box more than last month’s…maybe that’s because my bonnebell liner had dust all over it!

    2. Yay… I’m doing my BB5 dance with ya… as you sing. lol I don’t like when boxes have a ton of skincare… my ipsy that is coming is all skincare… errr…

    3. This looks like a good box. I want that sheet mask. I have never tried this box before, but looking back on older posts it does look like it is not as good as other months in terms of variety and size. But it for sure looks better than every Birchbox I have been getting for the past year. lol

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