Limited Edition Beauty Products: Yay or Nay?

    Every season, we get treated to a few limited edition collections from our fave makeup brands— whether they’re collaborations with popular influencers or celebrities, or specific color schemes for the season. A lot of people go gaga over limited edition products, wanting to grab them ASAP and collect ‘em all. After they fly off the shelves, some popular LE collections are sold for crazy amounts on eBay.

    Personally, I don’t tend to really jump on the limited edition train unless I see something that could really add something special to my collection. It takes a lot to get me to run out to the store and buy something before I’ve had a chance to read reviews and determine if I might like it— but by that time it’s too late. Plus, as an influencer, I don’t like doing a ton of posts about or using limited edition products because that puts a shelf life on the post/tutorial. If you’re trying to follow along a few months later, and the product isn’t dupe-able, the content probably has no use to you, right?

    But that’s just me— I’m dying to hear what you think.

    Do you like hearing reviews/seeing tutorials with limited edition products? Or do you prefer content with permanent products you can find months or years later? Let me know in the comments below. And now, for the best blog posts of the week from The Lipstick League.

    Lipstick League – Week of 3.26.18

    Prime Beauty – If you have oily or combination skin, you’ll want to check out the new Pacifica Pineapple Skincare line, it works great and it’s affordable!

    Slashed Beauty  – Self care is more than just bubble baths. Find out what I’m actually doing to take care of myself— from my skin care routine to my work out regimen.

    we heart this  – Oily skin peeps, would you believe us if we told you more oil is the answer to your problems? If you don’t believe us, believe Malin+Goetz!

    Beautygeeks – is agog over this incredible celebrity make-under – you guys, can we talk about this?

    Blushing Noir – The Urban Decay Backtalk Eye & Face Palette is lust at first glance… use it once and fall madly in love! The eye looks, swatches and GIVEAWAY are all here!

    My Beauty Bunny – has a round up of cruelty free Coachella music festival makeup and hair ideas for you!

    Painted Ladies  – Sheila has the scoop on Benefit’s Brow Search and shares an easy eyebrow tutorial with a few Benefit faves.

    Phyrra  – Curious about how my move turned out? Check out my Life Update – Moving, Laptops, Chronic Illness & Polyamory!

    (Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

    Prime Beauty is Currently Craving: I know we probably all have enough neutrals in our collections, but when is enough enough? Don’t judge, but I’m craving the entire Too Faced It Just Comes Naturally Collection!


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