January 2014 Beauty Box 5 Review

    I was really stoked to receive the first Beauty Box 5 of 2014 this week! I found out that this month, BB5 was teaming up with Focus Films to promote That Awkward Moment, starring Zac Efron & Imogen Poots, in theaters January 31st. I had high hopes for this box… did they meet my expectations? Watch the video!

    Product Breakdown:

    1. H20 Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash (Sample Size, Retail: $17)
    I’m glad that this H20 sample is something I can get use out of (the last sample from this brand BB5 sent was an anti-aging cream). This body wash smells like the beach and flowers, but not too girly which I like.

    2. Nubar Cuticle & Nail Oil (Sample Size, Retail: $10)
    My cuticles have seriously taken a hit from the weather. This cuticle oil couldn’t have had come at a better time. Considering I do all my manicures myself now to save money, I’m glad to have another product in my arsenal to get my nails looking fab!

    3. Swissco Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves (Full Size, Retail: $5)
    It was such a coincidence that these gloves came in this month’s box because I was honestly planning on picking some up this weekend! I have always wanted to try exfoliating gloves to use in place of a loofa for more even body exfoliation… ooh these would probably work really well with a body scrub, don’t you think?

    4. Jergens Daily Moisturizer (Sample Size, Retail: $6.99)
    Jergens is currently my go-to when purchasing body lotion for Adam and myself. We usually get the Ultra Healing version, but this little travel size is perfect to throw in my purse… you all probably thing my purse is filled with only lotion now, don’t you!?

    5. Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm (Full Size, Retail: $3.39)
    Again, I love lip balms so I can never complain about one coming in a subby box. I like that this lip balm is completely organic.

    6. Bonus: That Awkward Moment Mirror Compact

    That awkward moment when they include an insert about makeup and don’t include any makeup in the box…

    Yeah, I was expecting at least a couple makeup products from this box, especially since they included a card explaining what they did for Imogen’s makeup in the movie. Don’t tease us like that, Beauty Box 5! I will say that they have their priorities straight with giving us skincare products during wintertime. The sample sizes are generous and I’m happy to have the exfoliating gloves I planned on purchasing anyway. I hope that BB5 includes more makeup in their boxes this year, though!

    If you want to subscribe to Beauty Box 5, you can sign up on their website. You receive 4-5 beauty samples delivered to your door each month, typically half being full size. High-end, drugstore, and indie brands are all mixed in with the boxes, and I’ve really loved the service so far.

    What did you think of the first Beauty Box 5 of 2014?

    This product was received from PR for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.
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    1. Box twins! I haven’t reviewed mine yet, but I’m okay with not getting any makeup this month since I’m totally overloaded with it lately.

    2. I have those gloves and love them! A MUST in this dry climate in the mountains!! Sorry that you were disappointed in not getting even a tiny makeup sample. They missed the boat on that!!!

    3. I bought the exfoliating gloves from Sephora when they were on clearance. I like them a lot… but to be honest, I never put them on as gloves. I just ball them up like a cloth or loofah! Who has time to fuss with putting on gloves in the shower? I do like that I can throw them in the wash, though.


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