How to Keep Your Lips Kissable

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    As we head into the colder months, our skincare regimens are creeping to the top of our beauty priorities. One should never forget to take extra steps to care for your lips! I always associate wintertime with romantic couple’s activities like ice skating (wait… I live in LA…) and cuddling, so I want to keep my lips as kissable as possible. Hey, you’ll never know who you’ll meet under the mistletoe, too! 😉 Plus, dry and chapped lips are probably the worst feeling ever. Here are some tips on keeping your lips as kissable- and comfortable- as can be.


    I honestly can’t believe I went through most of my life without exfoliating my lips. Exactly like exfoliating your skin all over your body to rid yourself of dead and dry skin cells, your lips can greatly benefit from it too! Exfoliating can prevent chapped lips as well as keeping them smooth, optimal for lipstick application. For a quick and mess-free exfoliator, check out the e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator, which comes in the form of a lipstick and is only $3. Keep reading for my DIY exfoliation techniques!

    Moisturizing & Protecting

    I’m a lip balm junkie. It’s my number one impulse buy at any cash register. I have about three different balms on me at any given time, especially when we get into the drier and colder seasons. Pick a lip balm that has SPF in it, as it’s just as important to protect your lips from UV rays as it is the rest of your skin! Apply generously throughout your day, and slather some on before bedtime (it’s like an overnight face mask for your lips!). Vitamin E and aloe are protective ingredients your lips will love. I personally use Aquaphor for overnight ultra-moisturizing and healing.

    While Wearing Lipstick…

    If you’re wearing a matte- or any particularly drying- lipstick, try to take off as much product as you can before re-applying later in the day. Applying a new layer of a dry product will only make your lips look crumbly (ew). Dampen a paper towel and dab at your lips to get an even and clean canvas for your new layer of color.

    Skip the Cigarette!

    While I would advocate this bit year-round, smoking is notorious for creating vertical lines through and around your lips due to the constant puckering and loss of elasticity, according to Jonette Kerri, MD. Along with damaging your teeth and gums, smoking can really dull down a once beautiful smile.

    DIY Lip Exfoliating

    You can find decadent lip scrubs in almost every beauty supply store these days. Seeing as the components of these scrubs are ingredients I already have in my pantry, I find paying more than $5 for a scrub to be preposterous.

    One of the simplest ways to exfoliate is to take a clean, damp toothbrush and rub it gently across dry lips, brushing as if your lips were your teeth! It’s important to do this with a light hand, as the bristles can feel harsh against sensitive smoochers.

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    You can easily and quickly make your own lip scrub out of products you probably already have in your kitchen. The main ingredient you’ll need is a granulated sugar, which will do the exfoliating. You can mix the sugar with olive oil or petroleum jelly for simultaneous moisturizing. Mix the two ingredients in a small bowl (or in the palm of your hand) and rub onto your lips using your finger. After a good exfoliation, use a damp towel to dab off the excess scrub.

    How do you keep your lips looking extra luscious? Comment with your own tips below!



    1. Great tips! I’ve been using a LUSH sugar scrub because I love the smell/taste, but can’t justify buying it again when I have sugar and oils in my kitchen pantry. I’ve made my own before and will be going back to it again. I also use a really good balm on my lips every night before I go to sleep, and having that moisture on all night really helps keep them soft and supple.


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