Healthy Essentials for my Summertime Goals

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    Healthy Essentials for my Summertime Goal

    Last summer, I finally reached a goal that had been long in the making. I made the commitment to lead a more healthy life when it came to diet and exercise, and it was the first time I had actually stuck with it. The outcome: I lost 30 pounds and have been able to keep it off for a year. That’s cause to celebrate, don’t you think?

    I learned to cook healthy, tasty meals and limited eating at restaurants to only once a week. Trying to learn about the nutrition my body truly needs was a bit intimidating at first, but soon enough, I was able to scan nutrition fact labels at the market like a pro.

    Before last year, I had never been partial to exercise… in fact, I tried avoiding it at all costs growing up (I even took online physical education to get out of P.E. in high school!). When I started exercising regularly, I couldn’t believe that I actually came to enjoy it. I would even wake up at 6 to get a workout in before my 8 AM class (something my high-school self would have scoffed at).

    During the summer, exercising gets a little tricky. I don’t have access to my university’s gym, so I have to give my workout a makeover. The sun beats down hard here, so if I just can’t take the heat, I’ll follow along to some cardio and pilates videos in my apartment.

    Healthy Essentials for my Summertime Goal

    When it is nice enough to take a jog outside, there are preparations I have to take prior. While I’ve worked hard at getting my body healthy, there’s one area that I’ve seriously been lagging in: my skin! Even though I’m pretty diligent about moisturizing and using SPF on my face, I admit that I’m not as persistent with the rest of my body. This summer, I want to make sure my skin’s health is a priority, on top of sticking with my fitness routine.

    I recently took a trip to Walgreens, where there is currently a Johnson & Johnson promotion. Balance Reward Members can earn 3,000 wellness points with the purchase $15 worth of select J&J products until July 26th. Check out my store’s end cap, it seems like a lot of people took advantage of this deal! I picked up two healthy essentials from the display that will help me keep my summertime skin in shape.

    Celebrate Every Goal with Walgreens#CelebrateEveryGoal #CollectiveBias

    Since the average temperature here in the summer is around 95 degrees, it goes without saying that my exercise clothes let my skin breathe– usually shorts and a very light tank top. Since a lot of skin is uncovered for the sun to touch, I need to remember to use sunscreen!

    Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen

    For all of my outdoors summer activities, I’m reaching for the Neutrogena Beach Defense Water + Sun Barrier Lotion in Broad Spectrum SPF 70. This powerful sunscreen is lightweight and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. If you prefer swimming to stay active, the Beach Defense lotion also helps protect your skin against signs of water damage like dryness. It’s great for whatever you choose to do to stay active— running, swimming, or sports like soccer!

    Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion

    After a hot workout session, it’s important to rehydrate. This is another step you don’t want to leave your skin out of! The Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion is a staple in my home. It offers long-term moisture with a lightweight formula that my skin drinks up.

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to my new goals as well as I did last summer. If you’re in LA this weekend, you can celebrate your goals during the Walgreens 2014 FIFA World Cup Wellness Tour with live music, giveaways, and a meet and greet with Mexican National champion player Germán Villa!

    6/28: 98 Long Beach Blvd in South Gate
    6/29: 1625 West Sunset in Los Angeles

    What goals are you celebrating and making this summer?



    1. Neutrogena is my favourite sun protection, their ultra sheer is great specially when you don’t like the feeling of sunscreen. I have a tester bottle of the beach defence and I use it on my tattoo’s it’s fantastic!!! specially in and out of the pool.

    2. Congrats on your weight loss and keeping it off! I know how hard it is. One of my friends is going to start a YouTube channel on how to stay fit at home without the gym – I am encouraging him to do videos because I know there’s a need for it!

    3. Not having access to my school’s gym is also hindering my exercise attempts. I’m trying to get more healthy by drinking more water and less soda but it’s not easy!

    4. Cute pics and inspiring post! I’m getting back to my first love, running, and it’s a long, but worthwhile road. 30 lbs is UH-mazing. I gotta get at it!

    5. Way to go girl. 30 lbs is great and keeping it off. Super high five on that! I totally do agree sunscreeen is super important, I need to get more diligent about it for sure. I do always hydrate the skin with body lotion and for sure love me some Lubriderm but I need to get better on the sunscreeen. great post girl!


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