Mysterious Body-licious Hair Care Trio the Secret to Goodness?

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lunchbox.

    I don’t know about you, but I predict how my day will play out based on my hair. I’m serious— If I’m having a good hair day, it puts me in a great mood and makes me feel like I can take on anything! I must say, I’ve been having a pretty good week and I’ve gotta give some of the credit to the hair care trio I’ve been using.

    Secret to Goodness

    Last week, I received a pretty package in the mail containing a shampoo, conditioner, and styling foam. I’ve been using the trio as I would any other hair care products for a week now, except I don’t know what brand they are, or even what they’re supposed to do! All bottles were left unmarked, as I was chosen to participate in a blind test to try them out without any background info. What I do know is that the products are infused with ingredients like macadamia oil, awapuhi ginger, and seaweed, offering a whole lot of goodness.


    The shampoo and conditioner were creamy, but dissolved into my hair easily. They had a subtle floral scent that reminded me of the ocean… due to the seaweed, no doubt! I immediately noticed how soft my hair felt, but what stood out to me most was the body it gave my locks! You all know I have naturally thick hair, and a LOT of it, at that. These products gave my hair volume and body without making it look poofy, which I’ve never experienced with other products. Loved it!

    Secret to Goodness

    The styling foam was really light and easy to work into my hair. I only need about three pumps for my thick mane. I applied it after a leave-in conditioner, and it defined my curls, giving them hold while still feeling soft and flexible. A few days later, after I had straightened my hair, I used it to tame fly-aways and give my hair a polished finish.

    I still don’t know what these mysterious, body-licious hair care products are, but I’ll be finding out in the next month. You can count on me updating you as soon as I discover the identity of this trio! Trying them without knowing a lot of info has been fun, because I can really experience all of the effects without having any pre-existing standards or expectations to hold them to. I feel like it lead to a more thorough trial, even.

    What do you think they could be? Would you try them, even without knowing the brand?

    Update: Find Out What These Products Are!


    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lunchbox.

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    1. Your hair looks amazing! I love the body and the natural waves with no frizz. I love the idea of testing products this way. You are right if you don’t know the brand, you will not go in with any preconceived ideas. I would for sure do a blind test like this as long as I know the ingredients in the products. I can’t wait to find out what products you are using are!!!!

    2. At first, before I read and when I just saw your pictures, I was like WTF why didn’t they label it? lol. It would drive me nuts not to know what brand it was. I would love to participate in a blind test too.

    3. I wrote on your FB that I guessed David Babaii mostly because the bottle shape resembles his WildAid line and the ingredients sounded similar to the stuff he would use. But I really have no idea. Everyone else is saying Suave and we don’t have them in Australia so I could be so out of it on this one.

    4. The bottles are shaped similar to those of Suave. I use Suave Professional products on my hair (shampoo and conditioner) and since my hair is so long, I love the quality as well as the price tag. I totally want to try what ever it is. 😉 LOVE your hair!

    5. These definitely look like Suave. I’m totally jealous of your hair, mine is fine and lacks volume so I’ll never be able to have a fab lion’s mane haha 🙂

    6. I also thought Suave upon first glance, based on the shape & color of the bottles. It looks like their moroccan argan oil line. If so I’ve tried it and I love it! Can’t wait to see if we’re right!


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