How to Get Smooth Legs and Enjoy “Me” Time

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    I’ll be upfront: I’m a busy body. The girl who used to spend all day watching TV as a kid now gets anxious and shaky if I’m not working on three projects at once. What can I say? I have a lot of life goals that I constantly want to be progressing toward. I always list this as both my best and worst quality.

    How to Get Smooth Legs and Enjoy “Me” Time #SkintimateStars

    Why worst? Because sometimes I forget to take time to relax and just spend time with myself. I want to be the best I can be: I want to graduate with a great GPA in about a year, I want to excel at my day job, and one of my biggest dreams: expanding the reach and quality of my blog so I can turn it into my career. However, having down time is imperative to productivity… and sanity!

    Honestly, the only “me” time that I get consistently is in the shower. Even as a beauty blogger, my showers are when I really get to reflect on my day, and pamper myself. I always feel most rejuvinated stepping out of a shower with refreshed skin.

    How to Get Smooth Legs and Enjoy “Me” Time #SkintimateStars

    Now, being the busy body that I am, I still have a to-do list behind my chevron curtain… but the spa-like euphoria of smooth skin is so worth it.

    My Smooth Skin To-Do List:

    How to Get Smooth Legs and Enjoy “Me” Time #SkintimateStars

    1. Scrub a Dub Dub
    Does anything feel better than a good scrub? I don’t know! Exfoliating is the key to smooth skin, and will help achieve a close shave later. I use scrubs with natural exfoliants like sugar to get rid of dead skin cells. This step also helps raise the hairs, letting them catch on your razor more easily. Oh, and don’t forget your feet while you’re at it!

    While exfoliating, I’m most likely contemplating about the things I’ve accomplished thus far during the week.

    2. Lather Up
    The right shaving cream is half the secret to a great shave. I usually find myself reaching for Skintimate® shave gels. They feel great on the skin as they nourish and moisturize while they lather. The gel starts to get creamy as you rub, which helps your razor glide smoothly and protect against knicks. The Signature Scents® line has a variety of fun smells that range from refreshing to calming to put you in a good mood. I often go for the Skin Therapy selection, which work extra hard to moisturize dry skin.

    This is when I start thinking about what’s next for me: upcoming posts, videos, projects… and how to constantly improve!


    3. Shave Away
    Use a 3-4 blade razor to shave. Any fewer blades, you’ll have to repeat more passes over your skin to get all of the hair, which could cause irritation. I like choosing razors that have a lotion strip, soothing the skin following the blade.

    By this time, I’ve probably started letting loose and singing my heart out to whatever song I’ve been listening to that week!

    4. More Moisture
    After hopping out of the shower, it’s imperative to keep the moisture coming! I usually have the water temperature turned way hot to relax my muscles, but that can really dry out the skin. I follow up with a rich lotion to polish off my super smooth legs. Now, I’m finally relaxed and in my zone.

    If I’m feeling super indulgent, I’ll treat myself to extra “me” time by giving myself a manicure while watching YouTube videos. After I’ve given myself a much needed break, I’m refreshed and ready to go for whatever is on the horizon with a happy mind and happy legs. Now… back to work!

    Hopefully I’ve inspired you to take care of yourself while you’re chasing your dreams. Find more inspiration at, where you can find videos, promotions, and contests from Skintimate.

    How do you spend your “me” time?



    1. Me time is so important! My favorite “me time” showers are on the weekends when I can take as long as I want, exfoliate and shave, and especially pamper my feet! Regular pedicures are not in my budget so I like to spend a few extra minutes with my pumice stone and glass foot file and make my feet soft and smooth. I’ve actually been shaving lately with conditioner with a few drops of baby oil gel, works great to moisturize. But if I do buy a shave gel it’s absolutely always the Skintimate brand! Love the scents!!

        • If I remember correctly, I got it from Avon years ago and I’m pretty sure they no longer carry it. It’s awesome though. One side is rougher and the other side is not as rough, so I use the rougher side then the softer side and my feet are like buttah! It definitely works better than my pumice stone though I do use that for quick ones. I’m sure you could find a glass one pretty cheap, maybe Sally’s or Ulta? If not there’s always ebay, where you can buy all the things! 🙂 I’m in heels for work all the time also so I know how you feel!!


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