FOTD Friday: Summer Concert

    One of my favorite summer activities that I’ve enjoyed since I was young is attending concerts. Whether festivals like Warped Tour, or seeing just a few of my favorite artists, I love dancing to live music with friends and just letting loose. This past weekend, my friends and I had tickets to the most 90s-nostalgia-inducing summer tours featuring Sugar Ray, Uncle Kracker, Eve6 and Better than Ezra.

    FOTD Friday: Summer Concert Makeup | Slashed Beauty

    Back when I was super young (mind you, I was born in the 90s) I remember jamming in my dad’s car to Sugar Ray during every ride. One time I asked him “Isn’t it a coincidence that Sugar Ray is always on the radio when I’m in your car!?” He laughed and popped out a cassette tape— yes, cassette tape— of their greatest hits. Needless to say, I grew up listening to them, so seeing them live was pretty dang cool.

    FOTD Friday: Summer Concert Makeup | Slashed Beauty

    Sunday, the day of the concert, it was raining on and off. The show was at The Greek, an outdoor amphitheater in LA, and we were nervous that we were gonna get soaked. Meanwhile, it was still super warm out… so I wanted to do a face that would hold up through the night but wouldn’t look horrible if things started getting a little smudgy.

    FOTD Friday: Summer Concert Makeup | Slashed Beauty

    I settled on a smoky purple liner look, keeping the rest of the face pretty plain. I used the EcoTools Lovely Looks Five Piece Set, which consists of five eco-friendly brushes that can complete an entire look. They’ve got the brand’s signature bamboo handles and decorative ferrules, and are about 3/4 the length of full-sized brushes, making them perfect for taking on the go for traveling or touch ups.

    FOTD Friday: Summer Concert Makeup | Slashed Beauty

    I started off applying my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation with the foundation brush. After applying my go-to base right now, Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Creamy Beige, I used the shadow brush to blend a matte brown into my crease for a little definition. My statement was the purple liner, courtesy of the mark. Saved by the Gel in Majorly Murado. I first applied it with the flat liner brush in the set, and then used the same brush to smudge it out with the Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow in Envy, a gorgeous sparkly purple. The lips were topped off with only chapstick.

    The angled blush brush actually came in really handy for contouring because of its shape and size. I then used the powder brush for blending the peach shade from the e.l.f. Studio Blush Palette onto the apples of my cheeks. This look was half neutral, half grunge, which I knew would still look chic even if we got rained out.

    We were lucky and the sky only let out a couple drops during the actual show. We got to enjoy each other’s company, plus some wine, and jam to the songs we’ve known the words to since forever. Mark McGrath still has the most exciting stage presence, and actually emceed the whole show! I was surprised at how many songs I still remembered from the other bands, especially Uncle Kracker. Overall, a very fun summer concert!

    You can check out the EcoTools Lovely Looks set on their website— it’d be great for any other summer events or getaways you’ve got planned!

    What’s your favorite summer activity?



    1. Your eye makeup is gorgeous! I love the ferrules of that brush. Lol my Dad had a cassette player for ages and refused to move to CDs until they actually stopped selling the tapes, despite certain kids’ tendency to pull out the brown tape ribbon from the cassettes.

    2. I love concerts but most of mine are in small bars or indoors I haven’t been to one outdoors in stadium in a long time. I love Eco Tools they are my go to brushes!

    3. I laughed when you talked about cassette tapes since they aren’t really that old in the scheme of things. Sounds like a fun concert and you look refreshing.

    4. Loooove me some Sugar Ray!! 20 years later Mark McGrath is still incredibly hot!! 🙂 Glad you got to see them and had a good time (and looked beautiful during!) 🙂


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