FOTD Friday: #NoMakeup PocketDerm Update

    Note: PocketDerm has now changed their name to Curology.

    For today’s post, I wanted to bare it all and show you my #nomakeup bare face. Not only do I think it’s always important to embrace our natural features, but I also wanted to update you on my skincare regimen using the PocketDerm service.

    FOTD Friday: #NoMakeup PocketDerm Update

    At the time I took these pictures, I had been using the PocketDerm topical as well as taking Doxycycline for 4 weeks (Heads up: my acne updates won’t be in real time because I schedule my posts). I feel that there is definitely some progress shown, but I’ve hit a bit of a plateau due to something I discovered about the antibiotic. Watch the video for more info and before/after pictures.

    As I mentioned in my July Favorites video, I’ve been using coconut oil to remove my makeup, followed by the BSL Natural reusable makeup removing cloth. To wash my face, I usually use the Mary Kay Clear Proof Clarifying Cleansing Gel, but I’ve also been throwing in some of the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser sample that my PocketDerm dermatologist sent me. I’m moisturizing with the Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer both day and night.

    After cleansing, I use the PocketDerm topical– two pumps for my cheeks and chin, one pump for my forehead. I spread it evenly over my entire face (this is NOT meant to be used as a spot treatment). The formula is thin and has some slip to it, so it’s easy to rub in.

    I follow up with the Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer and head to bed. I’m still trying to find my holy grail cleanser and moisturizer to incorporate into my acne-fighting routine… these are just ones I’ve been trying to use up.

    FOTD Friday: #NoMakeup PocketDerm Update

    Hopefully, I continue to see progress. Watching the video back, I actually do see the smaller bumps on my forehead clearing up… even though some redness came back after limiting my Doxycycline dosage.

    Do you have a cleanser or moisturizer you can’t live without?

    FOTD Friday: #NoMakeup PocketDerm Update

    Oh, and if you’re interested in trying out PocketDerm, which is a subscription service that hooks you up with a board-certified dermatologist AND prescription acne treatment for $19.99/mo, check them out here, and also read about my sign up process.



    1. Have you figured out if your acne is hormonal or topical? If it’s hormonal, very little you can use on your face will help. The acne comes from hormones that are disrupted by diet. (That was the case with me. After I think 15 years I finally solved it by reducing sugar and caffeine. I wouldn’t give up coffee though, so I was taking pills for menopause! And that worked on me, because it was totally hormonal acne. Now I just use Retinol). But if it’s topical, then it’s just caused by outward influences (bacteria, clogged pores, makeup, oily products … etc). Of course, it can also be both! You should consider looking at your diet and see if anything could be affecting your skin. Worked miracles for me! 🙂 Good luck! P.S. You actually have quite beautiful skin!

      • I think I have a mix of reasons for my breakouts. Hormonal, yes because around my period I get more… Topical, yes, because the antibiotic seems to be calming my cystic acne… Diet, most likely. I’ve slipped up on my healthy eating the past couple months so I wouldn’t be surprised if it had anything to do with my breakouts not clearing up. Thank you!

        • Well, most women get a bit of hormonal acne from their periods. So that’s not necessarily a defining factor. But, it could easily be a mix of both. For me, nothing topical worked at all. It’s totally hormonal. Cystic. (Which is almost a blessing, because once I figured that out, it was an easy fix! Sooo happy now. Not so with topical, because obviously you have to be so careful with every product. Blech! But your skin doesn’t look bad at all 🙂 ). Except I used to dry the crap out of my skin with benzoyl peroxide. And even that was a not a be all end all. And it sucked! I’ve been spending the past few years trying to undue the horrendous damage that crap caused my facial skin! 🙁 Thankfully though, my skin is a lot healthier now. My sister uses Acutane, and there’s another nightmare! I wish she wouldn’t.

          • Oh! Have you used glycolic acid? That stuff worked amazing for me. But I stopped using it, and my skin adjusted to it and it stopped working for me. That’s why I use Retinol now.

    2. The only thing that worked for my horrible cystic acne was Reviva Labs Camphor (which they don’t sell anymore but all of their products are amazing and they can rec others) and also Murad Clarifying. I now use a mixture of the Murad line, Kate Somerville and Mario Badescu. I also keep the Clearasil Superfruit in my shower. It took forever to figure out what would work and what wouldn’t. We’re all so different that it’s just trial and error.

    3. You are totes adorbz. I would be bummed out about the bad breath thing, too, though, thankfully my husband’s nose rarely works, so he probably wouldn’t notice… and my dogs’ breath is worse, so they wouldn’t care. They’d probably accept me more as one of their own. Keep on keepin’ on! Acne sux, and I still have breakouts in my 40s. I have been loving clay masques, and all the products from Mario Badescu for oily, acneic skin.

    4. Right now I’ve been loving a cleansing oil, I feel like it does a better job at not over drying my skin which means my skin doesn’t overcompensate with oil

    5. There is deff a noticeable difference ! I had clear skin all through jr, high school and I have not started to see breakouts until I turned 21, and it’s terrible. This is a subs I would probably sign up for

    6. Acne is so soul destroying and frustrating to deal with. I battled it for so many years, only clearing in my forties. I’m glad that this seems to be working for you. 🙂

      • Ain’t that the truth!! It’s a really hard thing to deal with. 🙁 For me, nutrition helped immensely. And now I use retinol.

    7. I can’t live without Little Egg Harbor Soap Company BobbiSue Therapy soap. It’s a small business here in the South Jersey and Delaware area and their soap has helped calm my redness and does a great job cleansing!

    8. There’s definitely a noticeable improvement! Just out of curiosity, have you ever tried swapping out coconut oil for a different type of oil remover? Coconut oil can be really comedogenic for some people. If you’re looking for a new cleanser to try I highly recommend CeraVe foaming cleanser – it’s incredibly gentle, relatively inexpensive, and pretty easy to find at drugstores.

      • I’ve heard a lot of people using coconut oil and not having issues with it. But it totally breaks me out!! Even if I just use it as a make-up remover and then just wash it off. I thought I was crazy lol thanks

    9. I’ve never heard of pocketDerm. It sounds like something great for people with skin issues. Since your breakouts are concentrated on your forehead, have you considered that maybe it is due to your hair being on your face or hair products? That is, of course, if you normally wear your hair in your face.

      • I have considered that, but normally my hair isn’t touching the majority of my forehead, and is pushed out of the way like in the second picture. I’ve also tried switching up my hair stuff to test it out but there was no change to be seen. Honestly, I’ve been speculating that perhaps my chin breakouts have to do with my diet slipping the pat couple months, which I’m working on now.


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