Forever 21 Launches Premium Beauty Line

    Clothing and accessories retailer Forever 21 has done relatively well with their original beauty brand, Love & Beauty. From personal experience, Love & Beauty products are hit and miss. I’m a big fan of their false eyelashes, but most of their eyeshadows leave much to be desired.

    Forever 21 Premium Beauty Makeup Collection

    However, their newest launch, the Premium Beauty line, looks pretty promising! With sleek packaging and a variety of hot beauty products, I’m dying for these to pop up at my local store. The collection includes eyes, lips, and face products as well as brushes.

    Lip & Cheek Stain ($10.80): “This lip & cheek stain accents your face with subtle color. Twist-off top with an attached applicator.”

    The prices of the Premium Beauty products are about double those of Love & Beauty… similarly priced to Physician’s Formula on the drugstore scale. Considering their target demographic, I think it’s a little steep for what I consider to be “off brand” makeup, but the website says that the Premium Beauty products were made by designer cosmetic brands, and that they’re not tested on animals. I hope this means a surge in the quality of the cosmetics!

    I’m not sure if this entire collection will be available in stores, or how soon they’ll start popping up. In any case, they are available now to buy on The Love & Beauty line is still being sold in stores and online as well, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. Thank goodness, because I need my $2 falsies!

    What do you think of Forever 21’s expansion of their beauty products? Anything catch your eye?



    1. There’s nothing for African American skin tones. Really shocked about that, do they not know African-Americans shop their too? Btw I’m mixed so a variety of dark skin tones would’ve been nice, very disappointed. I wanted to try.

      • I hear you, Briana. From what I’ve seen in reviews, thus far, even their “Medium” and “Tan” foundation shades are extremely light. Not sure if there will be anything to match my caramel complexion, even! Maybe you’ll still be able to get use of the lipsticks/eyeshadows.

    2. I have always felt I got a deal with Forever 21’s makeup and polishes. I’m a bit sad to see that they are going ‘premium’ and upping the price. Mostly because I know I’ll still get them. LOL

    3. I didnt know they were doing this but I havent been to Forever 21 in ages. I will be popping in this weekend so I will check it out!

    4. This is really interesting! It kinda looks like they’re trying to have a popular makeup line like Topshop does. I wonder how successful this line will be, and how good the products are!

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