First Impression: Nail Wraps Trend with Revlon

    Nail trends: I’m always late to adopt them. Textured polishes, nail art, what-have-you… on a daily basis, I don’t have the time or patience to do more than just a single color on my nails (sometimes with an accent nail if I’m feeling fancy). I’ve always been allured by the idea of nail wraps— quick application, no dry time, with fun and intricate designs that I’d never be able to create with paint and tools.

    First Impression: Nail Wraps Trend with Revlon

    And so, I felt that it was finally time to try this innovation! I picked up some from Revlon for a buck fifty at Grocery Outlet. I’m not sure if this specific design is still available, since GO is sort of like Big Lots, and carries a lot of discontinued items. I chose the Brocade Garden pattern, with a floral print.

    I filmed my application and general first impression of the wraps; watch the video below to hear my thoughts!


    Overall, the nail wraps fell short of my hopes and expectations. Although, so have all other “stick on” beauty products I’ve tried. They always look just like stickers, and these were no exception.

    First Impression: Nail Wraps Trend with Revlon

    It was way too hard to get them to lay smoothly onto the nail without creases, and the majority of the sizes were cut too wide for my nails. There was some pretty crazy looking tip wear by the next day, and some corners had started to pop up and peel back.

    First Impression: Nail Wraps Trend with Revlon

    I still have hope for the nail wrap trend, because I’m thinking that the Revlon ones might just be too thick. Also, practice may make perfect with this trend in general. If you have a suggestion for wraps that worked for you, please let me know in the comments! In theory, these would be so perfect for my busy lifestyle if they actually ended up looking nice.

    Have nail wraps worked for you in the past?



    1. Sometimes I try putting clear nail polish over them and that usually gives them another few hours, but they end up coming off anyway. also, I got the ones fro Sally Hansen called Salon Effects, and they give you a little tool that has a little wedge on the end that you can use to cut off the sides if they’re too thick.

    2. Too bad cause the print is just too cute! I have had really luck with the stickers from kiss- I’ve hand no problems apying them smoothly without bubbles- maybe revlon sticker suck? ☺️

    3. It’s a bummer that it didn’t quite set properly because the pattern is gorgeous. I have tried Incocco before and I actually really love them, they last a really long time and smooth out nicely.

    4. I’ve always wanted to try nail wraps but I am so inept when it comes to my nails. I’d be afraid of them looking like stickers. =0

    5. I haven’t tried any of these nail wraps. But I’m so behind w/ nail matters so that’s not a surprise anymore :-)))

    6. The pattern on these is so pretty, but yeah.. it looks like you stuck some stickers on your nails. My nail beds are so small, I’d definitely need to trim any wraps I tried. Do they say to add topcoat? I wonder if that would have helped with the buckling.

    7. It’s a cute design, but I’m not a fan of the Revlon wraps. I LOVE the Sally Hansen ones and the Kiss Nail ones. Incocco is pretty decent too.

    8. I had the same problems with this exact design that I bought at Ocean State Job Lot: creased & too wide for my nails. Actually, I think you did a great job and they look pretty on your nails!


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