Fall Makeup Tutorial: Falling Leaves

    I gotta say, I’m so ready to start wearing fall makeup looks. Deep lips, warm shades, I love them all!

    Fall Makeup Tutorial: Falling Leaves

    Since we’re still in the transition phase (at least here in Los Angeles), I’m not breaking out the oxblood lipstick just yet– but don’t worry, there will be a tutorial for that, too. 😉 I have been reaching for more reds, bronzes and burnt oranges, though. I guess you could say I’ve been inspired by the idea of falling leaves.

    Fall Makeup Tutorial: Falling Leaves

    For this look, I wanted to incorporate these colors into a very wearable daytime look. Check out the video tutorial below for the how-to.

    Products Used:

    Fall Makeup Tutorial: Falling Leaves

    What colors are you excited to play with this Fall?



    1. Really pretty!! I love the way the eyes turned out, even though I’m not ready to give up summer yet! 🙂 It’s 57 degrees here tonight so I guess I can’t deny it any longer haha!!

        • Holy CRAP!! We had a really mild summer this year – August is usually the hottest month of the year, occasionally hitting the low 100’s, but it was oddly cool this year – we had maybe one week where it was even in the 90’s. Very strange. Fall is usually my favorite season (perfect weather, Halloween, my birthday and the World Series! My favorite things!) but I’d really like some more hot weather this year! I feel like we got gypped!

    2. Love your eye makeup! So perfect for fall (come here,we have colored leaves and plunging temps) and for redheads!


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