Eyeliner Guide for Makeup Beginners

When I was first starting out with makeup, my eyeliner was a disaster. I constantly had raccoon eyes, with black smeared EVERYWHERE. Luckily, I’m going to take you through the marvelous world of eyeliner so that you never have to go through that phase.

Types of Eyeliner


This is my favorite type of eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is relatively quick and easy to work with depending on the brush. Working with liquid eyeliner lets you to create very precise, crisp lines. My go-to favorite: NYX Liquid Black Liner.


Brush applicators are for moderate to advanced liquid eyeliner users. Brushes are most often very flexible and can offer some very thin, striking liner looks.


Felt tip liners are very versatile. You can get a bold, thick line or use the tip for detailing. I find that felt tips have a bit more forgiveness for those with shaky hands, so I would suggest makeup beginners to start out with a felt tip pen liner. The pen style will feel familiar to your hands and be easier to get used to at first than a brush.

Pencil and Crayon


A very common use for pencil or crayon liners is to create a smokey effect by smudging the line with a smudge brush. You can also use a waterproof pencil or crayon to line your waterline.

Cream and Gel

Creams and gel liners are usually long-wearing and dramatic. You use a separate liner brush to apply these types of eyeliners. Cream and gel liners are more forgiving than liquid and leave room for correcting any errors. One problem I come across in many gel liners is that they dry out before I can finish them.

Winged Eyeliner (aka The Cat Eye)

So what about that coveted cat eye technique? This has been my signature liner look for years, and I’m sure many other beauty gurus will agree that it’s flattering for any eye shape.


  1. Start out with a short line starting above your tear duct.
  2. Continue that line with a short stroke to the middle of your lash line.
  3. One more short stroke, leaving the outermost corner blank for now.
  4. Draw a line upwards diagonally, following the natural direction of your lower lash line.
  5. Starting from the outermost point of the diagonal line, connect it with a smooth stroke back into your previous work.
  6. Fill in all empty space.

Working in short strokes will keep your line even throughout the process.

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What type of eyeliner do you most gravitate to?



  1. Nice tutorial! For my top lashes I only use an eyeliner brush with a dark eyeshadow. For lower lash lines I will use UD 24/7 liners mostly. I am an IDIOT with felt tips or liquid!

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