Easy Back to School Makeup Routine

It’s officially back to school for me today… my last “first day of school” ever! Luckily, I only have one day where I actually have to be on campus. But that means I’m going to leave home at 8:30 in the morning for work and won’t be home until 10 at night. Arghh.
Easy Back to School Makeup Routine | Slashed Beauty

Easy Back to School Makeup Routine | Slashed Beauty

So as I mentioned last week, my morning routine has got to be streamlined, and my makeup needs to be able to last all day. I wanted to show you what my everyday back to school makeup routine is like when I need to be out the door quickly but need my look to last.

I generally keep my eyes pretty neutral during the school week because it’s a fresh and low maintenance look that will wear nicely throughout the day. Of course, I can’t ignore the lips though, and so I generally grab a product I can trust to cling on for dear life.

Easy Back to School Makeup Routine | Slashed Beauty

On mornings I have school, I also don’t have time to juggle a lot of brushes. Can you believe I got this entire look done using only four from Ecotools? I used the new Custom Coverage Buffing Brush for my foundation— I think it’s meant for powder but I’m loving the soft bristles for liquid products! The eyes were all done with the Eye Enhancing Duo which pack four brushes into two handles, and I finished off with the Large Powder Brush.

Watch the video below for the full tutorial:

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