A+ Dry Skin Duo: Aqua Spa Soothe Body Cleanser and Body Creme

    Taking a nice, hot shower has many benefits. The heat can soothe sore muscles, open up your sinuses and pores, and simply relax you. However, water at high temperatures can also do a number on your skin, drying it out significantly. Picking the right body wash can do wonders in preventing dry, flaky skin from appearing post-shower. Recently, I’ve been loving the Aqua Spa Body Cleanser, followed by the Body Creme in Soothe for my shower and moisture routine.

    Aqua Spa Soothe Body Cleanser and Body Creme

    The Soothe scent is a mix of eucalyptus and mint, making for a very calming aromatherapy effect; it makes my shower feel like spa time! Both the Cleanser and Creme utilize Marine Youth Complex to help cell renewal, strengthen skin and keep it hydrated. Ingredients include Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil, Barbadensis Leaf Juice, and Algae Extract. An extra plus: Aqua Spa products aren’t tested on animals!

    The Body Cleanser lathers very easily, and as soon as you apply it, you feel the hydrating affects. It almost gives your skin the same instant softness as a bath oil would, but with the benefit of cleansing properties. When stepping out of a hot shower, my skin doesn’t feel desperately thirsty like it usually might with other body washes.


    The Body Creme has a very interesting lightweight whipped texture. It sinks quickly into the skin, leaving it smooth without a greasy feeling. The moisture lasts, which is a pleasant surprise since the formula is so thin.

    Los Angeles is finally seeing a dip in temperature (however slight) which has me eager to prepare for our usual windy fall weather that my skin hates. This duo will definitely be by my side throughout the season to keep it feeling healthy and hydrated.

    You can find the Aqua Spa Soothe Body Cleanser and Body Creme at Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, or online for around $10 each.

    What’s your secret weapon for moisturized skin during fall?



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