My Dream Subscription Boxes {TAG}

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yay! Yes, I do celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas- double the fun!

    Today I’ve got a fun tag that I originally saw on Dom’s blog: the My Dream Subscription Box Tag! So many different subscription boxes have popped up in the past few years, especially for beauty lovers. In this tag, I’ll be sharing a few dream boxes that I wish existed!

    1. Walgreens (or any drugstore) Beauty Box
    Every year, Walgreens puts out one beauty sample box that customers who spend over $30 in makeup can redeem with a secret code from their receipt. This box includes a lot of hot drugstore beauty products. I received mine last April, and I am still using some of the samples they sent me! If there was a subscription box that delivered exclusively drugstore beauty to my door each month, I’d be first in line to order!

    2. Pantone Color of the Year Beauty Box
    I think it would be awesome if there was a beauty box compiled yearly of products dedicated to the Color of the Year, as announced by Pantone. Just imagine the 2014 box: Radiant Orchid EVERYTHING… perhaps a scarf, lipstick, eyeshadow, nail polish. How gorgeous would that box be!? Sephora already put a page together of assorted products that fall into the Radiant Orchid category. I bet they’d put out a fantastic Color of the Year box!

    3. Sephora Sample Box
    Speaking of Sephora… some of my favorite beauty samples have come from purchases or point perks at Sephora. They could easily put together an amazing box full of a variety of deluxe beauty samples. Accumulating Beauty Insider points from boxes would be so worth it, too!

    4. False Eyelashes Box
    I’m still a noob when it comes to falsies, and I think a box with different styles of eyelashes plus eyelash glue would be awesome to receive regularly. Especially since not all of us take extra care of our false lashes like we should, and they end up usually only lasting for a couple uses.

    5. An “Essentials” Box
    Okay, who really enjoys going out and getting new deodorant, nail polish remover, cotton pads, or makeup remover every couple months? Or what’s worse: when you forget you’re running low on an essential until it’s too late… queue the late night pajama run to the drugstore! An Essentials Box would come in so handy with things we repurchase regularly.

    If any of these boxes existed, I would certainly subscribe! What type of subscription box would you want if you could create one? Would you subscribe to any of my dream subscriptions?

    If you’re celebrating Christmas today, I hope you have a really fantastic time surrounded with amazing people. Adam and I just arrived in Las Vegas last night! No, we’re not going crazy on the strip (still too young, boo!), but hopefully we can squeeze in some shows while we’re here visiting family.



    1. This is a fun tag! I loved reading some of your great ideas. I am also a drugstore girl, at heart. It’s amazing what gems you can find for a small price! I like the idea of an essentials box as well. And a color of the year box? Oh yes, I could definitely jump on that train! Perhaps I will do this tag on my blog at some point. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
      Jess (

    2. Love this tag, and the first three boxes you listed are ones I would want too! As for “essentials” I think that’s a great idea, but I feel like subs of that type are starting to pop up… plus you can always use websites like Amazon or to autodeliver certain items. Anyway enjoy your holiday! Have tons of fun! 🙂

    3. Oooh! I really want that Pantone box! That would be A-MA-ZING! I love this year’s color too. Last year I wasn’t fond of Emerald. But Orchid is just gorgeous! Target used to have a sub box for $5. They were testing the waters, but I guess they’re not going to keep doing it.

    4. I would create a clothes box that lets you pick what you are looking for(jeans,black dress,white tee) and you an choose the price range,size,style you want .you get five in your box ,You try it on and pay for what you want to keep.


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