Discovering Asian Beauty: The 3B Box Review (December 2014)

    New year, new beauty discoveries! It’s common knowledge that some of the most innovative beauty products come from Asian brands before they make their way over to us. However, there are few retailers that provide easy and affordable access to these products. Enter: The 3B Box. The 3B— or, Beauty Beyond Borders— box is a new subscription that lets you discover the latest from Asian beauty brands with monthly deluxe samples for only $12 a month, which includes shipping.

    The 3B Box includes 4-5 deluxe samples of new or popular Asian beauty products in a small pouch and with a card that translates the product name and descriptions into English. I was impressed with their initial selection, and am excited to delve in!

    Discovering Asian Beauty: The 3B Box Review (December 2014) | Slashed Beauty

    1. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Kit
    This skincare duo from the popular brand is designed to hydrate and tone. The “freshener” is a toner with a gel consistency and a very subtle fruity fragrance. The “emulsion” provides lightweight moisture and sinks into the skin quickly. After use, my skin feels extremely soft and there’s no residue left behind.

    Discovering Asian Beauty: The 3B Box Review (December 2014) | Slashed Beauty

    2. The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes
    These soft towelettes are supposed to break down makeup and cleanse the face gently using rosemary and other healing herbs. The have a pretty strong apple scent, so fair warning for the scent-sensitive. The pack came with 20 sheets, so we’ve got enough to almost last the month!

    Discovering Asian Beauty: The 3B Box Review (December 2014) | Slashed Beauty

    3. K-Palette 1 Day Magic Liquid Eyeliner
    This is quite the interesting pen-style liquid liner. It has a brush tip that comes to an extra precise point for incredibly easy application. Now, while its a smidgen streaky, I have to say that this stuff dries in a flash and does not budge! I left this heart-shaped swatch on my arm ALL DAY and while it did fade, there was no smudging or smearing to be seen.

    Discovering Asian Beauty: The 3B Box Review (December 2014) | Slashed Beauty

    4. Nature Republic Nail Polish
    This polish in #10 Apple Red is a hot, red-orange jelly that will be perfect for the transition into spring.

    Although they’re not labelled on the insert, it seems that we got three full sized items which is great for the price and awesome as a first-time box. As for improvements, I wish that there was a size indication (sample vs. full size) on the card as well as the place of origin, since I’m not the best at differentiating the written languages on the products. I’ve never tried any of these brands before, being my first venture into Asian beauty, and I like that they offer brands from all over Asia— including Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. From other reviews I’ve seen online, it seems that at this time, all subscribers will get the same items.

    Overall, I think The 3B Box is off to a good start! Check them out on their website— as of now, they only ship to US, but have a waitlist for international beauty lovers who are interested. Hopefully they continue to break down beauty borders!

    Do you have any Asian beauty favorites?



    1. Very cool! For $12 this is really affordable and really nice if you want to try a couple products out! Especially nice for those of us who don’t have brick-and-mortar Nature Republic and The Face Shop stores close by!

    2. There’s a lot of buzz about this subscription among my K-beauty obsessed friends. It doesn’t deliver the same value as Memebox, but at that price it’s a good introduction to Korean drugstore brands, which are usually way better in quality than our drugstore alternatives.


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