Crown Brush Debuts 2014 Releases at IMATS LA

    For those of you who are super immersed in the world of makeup, you probably know that IMATS— the International Makeup Artist Trade Show— happened this past weekend in Pasadena, CA. Although I chose not to purchase tickets this year, I did get a taste of the fun by attending Crown Brush’s annual Crown Social, held in the same convention center. Crown Brush debuted some of their newest releases to a select group of bloggers and let us take home a couple of goodies as well. Celebrity/Television makeup artist Autumn Scruggs, who currently does the makeup on the Fox sitcom Dads, presented and demonstrated the brand new makeup palettes and brushes.

    IMG_3296The Elite Syntho Brush Set

    Let’s start out with the product Crown Brush is known for: their brushes, of course! The new Elite Brush Sets include either the Syntho brushes or Infinity brushes, which are both cruelty free, and are housed in a deluxe travel case that is padded. These brushes are to die for with ultra soft bristles that pack on and blend product effortlessly. The set includes 3 face brushes, 4 eye brushes and one eyebrow comb. The Elite Sets each cost $49.95.


    Autumn revealed her best secret to flawless foundation is blending with a sponge after applying with a brush! Crown Brush just released their Flawless Face Blender, which is a washable sponge with two pointed ends to get into every corner of your face. Retails for $9.99.


    Another new travel-friendly item: this small eyelash curler is compact and great to carry around with you. It comes with a replacement pad and is relatively easy to use. Retails for $4.95.


    Last of the new beauty tools are the new funky tweezers Crown Brush is including in different grooming and brush sets, like we saw in the HD Brush Set. They come in a variety of designs and have a slanted, pointed edge.

    Now for the super exciting stuff! Autumn showed us some gorgeous palettes that she helped Crown Brush design, all of which are perfect for personal or professional use.

    102UF-Palette_web102 Color Studio Pro Face Palette

    The first palette is a doozy! The 102 Color Studio Pro Face Palette has a whopping 5 trays worth of product. This palette contains 60 eyeshadows, 6 blushes, 30 lip colors, eyeliner pencils, 3 concealers and 3 foundation shades. This is definitely for the makeup obsessed, or someone starting out in makeup artistry. This palette costs $45, which is a steal considering how much product you’re getting! I love that all of the creamy products are separated from the powders, so they won’t get muddy.

    66UF_266 Color Studio Pro Face Palette

    Next up is Autumn’s personal favorite, the 66 Color Studio Pro Face Palette. This one’s a little more up my alley as well, containing 45 eyeshadows, 6 blushes, 9 gel eyeliners, and 6 lip colors. Autumn created three complete looks with this palette, which are depicted on included face charts so that you can recreate them. This one retails for $34.95.


    92UF_web92 Color Studio Pro Face Palette

    Lastly, we’ve got the 92 Color Studio Pro Face Palette, which is kind of a combination of the first two palettes I mentioned, plus a little something extra. This one has 60 eyeshadows, 6 blushes, 15 lip colors, 4 brow powders, 3 foundations, 3 concealer shades, and brow wax. This one is another great all-in-one palette that would be perfect for traveling or starting out a pro makeup kit. This palette retails for $26.95.

    I’m really excited about these new releases from Crown Brush. They’re really taking the time and effort to create multi-purpose palettes and high-quality brushes that we can get our hands on for a low cost. Ever since discovering them, my brush collection has more than doubled. You can shop online at

    Starting today, Crown Brush products (including some of these new ones!) are on sale on Hautelook! Items will be marked down tremendously, so if you want to pick up a couple of things during this event, I wouldn’t delay. They sell out quickly! The 102 Color Studio Palette and 66 Color Studio Palette are only $28, the 92 Color Studio Palette is $21, and the Flawless Face Blender is $8. The sale ends Saturday 1/25.

    What release are you most excited to try?

    Some of these items were provided by PR for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own.
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    1. I carry that exact pair of tweezers with me in my purse, they are awesome. I used to get out of the salon post-waxing and clean up my eyebrows with it if I wasn’t happy!


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