Burt’s Bees #28DayFaceCleanse

    My skin has been misbehaving. Badly. Oddly enough, as we start transitioning further into spring my skin has actually been on the dry side. Last week in London, the climate change irritated my face even more causing dry patches and flaky areas despite exfoliation. So upon my return, I’ve been on the hunt for something powerful to help renew my skin and become spring ready.

    Burt's Bees #28DayFaceCleanse | Slashed Beauty

    This morning, I did a quick run to Walmart to pick up some household supplies and I came across a few products from the new Burt’s Bees Renewal Face Care Line. I had already clipped a $3 coupon for the line (which you can download here), so I decided to pick up two of their moisturizing products: the Renewal Firming Night Cream and Renewal Firming Day Lotion w/ SPF 30.

    Burt's Bees #28DayFaceCleanse | Slashed Beauty

    I’m hoping that they help get my skin back to normal with the natural ingredients like apple and hibiscus. They already help the products smell naturally delicious, anyway. 🙂

    The products are supposed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, which I don’t necessarily think about at a ripe 22 years old. BUT, I am looking forward to the claim of improved skin texture.

    I found out that Burt’s Bees is posing a 28-day challenge to those trying their new Renewal line. Our skin takes 28 days to cycle through and renew itself, so this gives the products a chance to really show what they can do. I’m going to use these products day and night for the next month and see how much healthier my skin can look (fingers crossed). If you want to join in, there are sweepstakes prizes you can win from Burt’s Bees for sharing your progress: a year’s worth of Renewal Face Care products, juice cleanses to detox from within, or a grand prize trip to Los Angeles (LA represent!). Find out more on the official website.

    Burt's Bees #28DayFaceCleanse | Slashed Beauty

    I used the Day Lotion today and I love the pump packaging, it makes it so easy to apply the right amount. The consistency is light, smooth, and leaves my skin super soft. I’m happy that they included the broad spectrum SPF for protection. I’m heading to Coachella tomorrow, so I’m going to need it!

    Burt's Bees #28DayFaceCleanse | Slashed Beauty

    Above: Me not happy with my skin right now 🙁

    I’ll be posting about my progress throughout the challenge on my Instagram, so be sure to follow me!



    1. Love that face! I didn’t know they had a “firming line”. I’m sure I will try it one of these days

    2. I haven’t tried any Burts Bees skincare products at all. I didn’t even know about this line. I do think your skin looks great. I’m noticing some improvement from the way it used to be. Something is working.

      • The acne is definitely taming down besides a huge zit on the other side of my face not shown in the pic 😉 but it IS the time of month so I’ll let it slide lol. The dryness is still what I’m combatting so I just need to really hit it with some moisture. Hopefully these products do that!


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