Where Is The Best Place to Do Your Makeup?

    I’ve lived in a ton of different settings, forcing me to adapt like a chameleon when it comes to finding the best spots to do my makeup. I’ve gotten dolled up on my bedroom floor, in the dark at a fraternity house, in an airport bathroom and at a shared dorm sink. Now that I have more control over my space, I’ve been able to create the perfect environment for my own routine. But if you’re still trying to figure out where to set up shop, check out these tips on picking the best place to do your makeup in your home.

    Where is the best place to do your makeup in the home? Check out these tips to decide where to set up your vanity. | Slashed Beauty

    I personally do my makeup in my office/beauty room. It’s the room that receives the most natural lighting in the entire house, and I have room to spread out with all my products. I use a simplehuman 8-inch sensor mirror, which is probably the most important part of my makeup setup. If you don’t have a whole room to spare, however, here are some tips on finding the best spot in your own space.

    TIP ONE: Utilize Natural Lighting. Ever do your makeup inside, it looks fine, and then you look in your car mirror and things are totally out of whack? That’s usually due to the difference of natural lighting and whatever lighting you’re using. Try setting up near a large window that’s bright in the morning (usually windows facing East will let the most light in during the AM). You’ll get a true-color look at your makeup as you do it. Or, use a mirror with daylight bulbs for the most natural-looking illumination.

    TIP TWO: Stay Away from Humidity. I am pretty against the idea of storing or applying makeup in the bathroom. There are just so many different bacterias floating around in the bathroom, and humidity from showers and baths make it an easy place for it to stick around. You want your makeup and brushes to be kept in a cool, dry place to keep them the most hygienic and extend the shelf life. I don’t like applying my makeup in the bathroom either, because that usually entails ill lighting, a counter you have to lean over to get a good look at yourself, and laying out your products on surfaces that may not be super clean all the time. If you really have no other area to do your makeup than the bathroom, make sure you never shower without switching on the humidity fan.

    TIP THREE: Where Can you Accommodate a Tabletop Mirror? As I mentioned, my tabletop mirror has elevated my makeup application game. Magnified or not, being able to get a close look at what you’re doing can give you the power you need for precise application. I prefer tabletop mirrors vs. compact mirrors because I can see my entire face at once to see how everything’s coming together, and it lets both my hands stay free for application.

    Where do you do your makeup? Have any tricks to setting up a vanity? Let me know in the comments below! And now for the best blog posts from The Lipstick League.

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