Best Budge-Proof Drugstore Eyeliners for Summer

I’ve collected my 5 favorite budge-proof drugstore eyeliners that have done well by me through hot weather. Watch the video to find out more about them:

Products Mentioned:


These liners hold up through heat, sweat and rubbing… definitely a must-have for this hot, hot summer.

Best Budge-Proof Drugstore Eyeliners for Summer

Have you found any budget-friendly and budge-proof eyeliners from the drugstore?

This was a collab with Mallory1712, who was the runner up in the Allure Beauty Blogger Awards. She is so bubbly and sweet; check out her video, where she talks about her favorite high-end eyeliners for summer!



  1. With my hooded eyelids I’m constantly on a quest for a cat eye liner that won’t transfer to my upper lid. Even with primer it still happens. Ran right out and bought the NYX liner and BLAMMO… finally a liner that stays where I put it from 7am until 7pm. It greys out a little but my upper lid is pure. Win!

  2. AWESOME LIST. I am a huge huge fan of the 12 Hour Made to last pencils from Jordana… I own each one and they are so fabulous even for a pop of color on days I don’t want to be dramatic. πŸ˜‰ Another great one is the new NYX Shadow Pencils… similar to the JESP but they are waterproof and do not budget a bit. πŸ˜‰

  3. Great list – I have to check the stash and see if I have any of these. Also, gurrrrl, your hair is fab-u-lous in this video. I hope you swung it around your boyfriend, maybe take him dancing.

  4. I totally need to try that Coastal Scents liner and that NYX one. I dont own many drugstore liners, but I totally am re-thinking that as these sound awesome. And I love love love that they are waterproof. Great read!

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