Beauty Tech 2016 Highlights Vlog

    This past weekend, I headed up to Vegas to join in on the CES festivities. If you’re unfamiliar, CES (or the Consumer Electronics Show) is a convention where people in many different industries unveil the new technology they’ve been working on. I specifically wanted to visit the Beauty Tech Summit, since it was the first year the convention included the beauty industry as a part of the show.

    While Beauty Tech was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, I was still able to catch up with a few of my favorite brands, including Foreo and Tria Beauty, to talk about their new releases. I rounded up the highlights from the day in my vlog that you can watch below!

    Products Shown:

    I’m hoping that next year and the year after that, Beauty Tech will grow to include even more sneak peeks into the technology behind some of our favorite brands and trends. This year was just a taste of what’s really out there.

    This weekend, though, I’m headed to IMATS which will offer a lot more in terms of makeup and beauty news. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to watch from home!




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