Beautiful Budget Brows: How to Fill In Your Eyebrows

Beautiful Budget Brows: How to Fill In Your Eyebrows

My eyebrows have gone through some funky phases. I only started paying attention to them in the past couple of years, and they’ve assumed many shapes… not all flattering. Depending on the products I used, sometimes they’d look too thick, flat, stiff… you get the picture. Luckily, I’ve found a couple drugstore products and a simple technique that help me easily achieve beautiful brows on a budget. Keep reading to discover how to fill in your eyebrows with six simple steps and two affordable products.

Beautiful Budget Brows: How to Fill In Your Eyebrows


  • Jordana Fabu-Brow Eyebrow Pencil $5
    This is my favorite brow pencil I have ever tried. It allows you to create precise lines while shading evenly, making for your-brows-but-better eyebrows. The little brush on the end is really convenient for helping shape and comb your brows. I use the shade Dark Brown.
  • e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara $1
    This product doubles as a brow gel and clear mascara, although I usually just use both sides as brow gel. I love that the formula keeps brow hairs in place without making them feel or look stiff.


  1. Create the front edge of your eyebrow by starting at the bottom inner corner and drawing a line upwards.
  2. Tracing the bottom of your brow, outline all the way into the arch.
  3. Use a lighter hand when lining the tail of your brow.
  4. Shade in your brow, working your way up to the top of your eyebrow.
  5. Brush through the hairs, evening out the color towards the top and tail. You can drag the brush horizontally to make for a more clear outline on the top.
  6. Comb the Wet Gloss through your eyebrows to keep them in place all day.

For some, these eyebrows may be on the bold side. I suggest playing around with the steps to adjust for your own face and taste. This has been the style that I feel suits my face best, and others have mistaken them to be done with various high-end brow products. Who’d have thought it only costs me $6 every few months?

What’s the secret to your beautiful brows?



  1. I only wish I had eyebrows as full and dark as yours! I have always been blonde and a little darker blonde naturally now, but I have never had full eyebrows and what eyebrows I have is so light that you can’t see them.

  2. You have great brows! I always enjoy reading budget tips. I have never tried either of those brow products and should go scope them out! 🙂

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