5 Minute Hairstyle: Fauxhawk Pony

    I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off lately. Both my work, school and social calendar have been booked full and it’s getting a little hard to handle everything.

    I’ll admit that the past week, I’ve pretty much exclusively been wearing a top knot to everything for the sake of time… but I’m bored with it, and wanted a new go-to 5 minute hairstyle with a little more spunk that still took no time at all.

    This 5 minute hairstyle takes a casual ponytail and kicks it up a notch for a whole lotta attitude. Click through to watch the tutorial and see how to get the fauxhawk pony. | Slashed Beauty

    As I was getting ready for a preemptive anniversary celebration this past weekend, I wanted to go from damp hair to styled hairdo quickly and landed on this faux-hawk pony hairstyle. It’s almost just as fast as a ponytail, but definitely kicks it up a notch and is perfect for a day out or a special occasion during the holidays.

    Since I started out with clean hair, I did a super quick blow-dry using the Ecotools Ultimate Air Dryer Hair Brush . It’s designed to let air flow through the brush so your hair dries faster than ever. I also used some dry texture spray to add volume. Watch the full tutorial below!

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