My 5 Favorite Music Video Makeup Looks

    It’s no secret that pop culture has the power to influence beauty trends. One of my favorite channels of makeup inspiration is music videos! Not only is it fun to take a look inside an artist’s mind and vision connected with your favorite songs, but also to see them transform through makeup and costumes. Below are my five favorite music video makeup looks (in no particular order).

    1. Katy Perry- Dark Horse

    In her Egyptian style inspired video, Katy sports a few bold makeup looks with bright colors and intricate graphic liner. I even tried my hand at recreating one of the looks from this video in my Dark Horse Makeup Tutorial. Extra points for the lavish costumes and props.

    2. Paramore- Ain’t It Fun

    Infamous for her statement red-orange hair, Hayley Williams of Paramore makes face jewels look tasteful in this incredibly fun (and record breaking) music video. Throughout the video, Haley wears natural and light face makeup, paired with a berry lip. Her eyes have subtle eyeshadow contouring with long lashes and jewels at both corners of her eyes.

    3. Demi Lovato- Neon Lights

    In this club anthem, Demi shows off in both a no makeup look for her pool scenes, and intense UV-reactive makeup for the club scenes. Her lips glow a fluorescent pink, and her eyeliner a bright, neon blue. She wears both faces beautifully.

    4. Beyonce- Haunted

    I’ll be the first one to say that as a whole, this music video is creepy… but leave it to Queen Bey to look fierce as ever with both a heavy smokey eye and a dark, dramatic lip (she doesn’t follow makeup rules). Her finger waves hairdo brings the whole 1920s look together, and her beauty juxtaposes the grotesque images throughout the video.

    5. Jessie J- Nobody’s Perfect

    Another one that might give you the creeps, Jessie J wears a ton of beautiful makeup looks in this Alice in Wonderland inspired music video. Bright lipstick, smokey eyes, crazy falsies, and graphic liner are a theme throughout Jessie’s makeup for “Nobody’s Perfect.” Some wearable, some more out-of-the-box, this vid is full of beauty inspiration!

    Do you have any favorite music videos for makeup inspiration?




    1. Music videos are my favorite form of inspiration as well… I’ve been turning to the 90s for most of my inspired looks lately because I love those bronze smoky eyes they rock out. I’m so excited for my next planned looks and can’t wait to see more from you too 😀

    2. I agree with Allison – great idea for a blog post. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a music video since I heard there was a bunch of fuss over the Blurred Lines video last year, so I don’t really get inspiration from them! But I LOVE Hayley Williams from her voice to her hair and she’s very beautiful!


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