5 Best Ways to Get Clear Skin This Year

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    Adult acne is so frustrating and can be what gets in the way of me feeling comfortable in my own skin. One of my top beauty resolutions this year is to finally— FINALLY— get my skin clear. It’s not an easy task, as bad habits will have to be broken and good ones made.

    Is your resolution to get clear skin? Here are 5 ways that WORK! | Slashed Beauty

    These five ways to get clear skin are tried and true, and have worked well for me in the past. This time around, I’m actually going to stick to them long-term and go full force to get skin I love.

    If clear skin is also one of your beauty resolutions this year, try these out to see the best results.

    Is your resolution to get clear skin? Here are 5 ways that WORK! | Slashed Beauty

    1. Double Cleanse

    Making sure you get all of your makeup, oil and dirt off of your face before bed is pivotal to a good skincare routine. No matter how well you think your makeup remover wipe works, double cleansing is a sure-fire way to avoid residue. To double cleanse, remove your makeup as a first step, then use a gentle cleanser to finish the process.

    2. Don’t Pick at Your Pimples

    For pete’s sake, don’t pick your pimples! It’s incredibly tempting, and I’m not innocent myself, but not only can you scar your face, but you can actually make them more irritated, which may lead to more breakouts. Leave them alone, apply your preferred treatment, keep your face clean and they’ll clear up on their own.

    Is your resolution to get clear skin? Here are 5 ways that WORK! | Slashed Beauty

    3. Find a Treatment That Works for You

    Most of my life, I was pretty limited on what I could use as an acne treatment. I didn’t have enough money or time to see a dermatologist, so I had to turn to what was available at the drugstore. Previously, there were only two main active ingredients approved for use in over the counter acne products: salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. A couple of months ago, however, I found out about a new treatment that used to only be available by prescription and is now available in stores— Differin Gel! Since my skin has pretty much “gotten used to” even the strongest SA and BP products, switching it up and using Differin Gel, which contains adapalene, has been helping to clear up my skin. It’s a retinoid that helps unclog pores to clear acne. I apply it over my entire face as opposed to spot treatments, so I can prevent future breakouts before they begin and, ultimately, restore my skin’s tone and texture.

    Is your resolution to get clear skin? Here are 5 ways that WORK! | Slashed Beauty

    4. Drink more Water

    This is probably the easiest way to help clear your skin, and has countless other health and beauty benefits as well. When your body is holding onto toxins, it often tries to force them out through your skin. Drinking your recommended 2 liters a day will help your body and skin detox, while also adding a glow to your face as it becomes more naturally moisturized.

    5. Ease Up on the Sugar

    It’s in practically everything we eat, so it’s important to really keep your eye on your sugar intake if you’re serious about clearing up your skin. Sugar triggers hormonal acne as your blood sugar level increases, which then can increase sebum production, pore size and severe acne as insulin is released by your body. Sugar also affects your digestive track, which can cause inflammation and contribute to acne.

    What has helped clear up your skin in the past? Leave it in the comments!


    1. I hear ya on the acne girl! It’s a constant struggle for me as well. I had no idea Differin was avail without a prescription now. I’ll have to check it out!

    2. I used to use Differin. Worked much better than Benzoylperoxide for me. Not using either at the moment though. My skin has been behaving really well lately, I’m so glad. I think it all changed with the Paula’s Choice Multi Treatment.

    3. I’m doing all of these except #3, plus adding the right moisturizer to my nighttime routine has helped my skin improve in a very short amount of time, which surprised me!


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