5 Beauty Mistakes I Regret Making

    You know when people tell you, “You’re going to look back at yourself in a few years and laugh”? Haven’t we all been there? In the moment, you think you look and feel fab, but looking back you think: what was I thinking? Ask any beauty blogger: we’ve been there. I’ve made my share of beauty blunders, so don’t feel too bad if you’ve done ‘em too. Here are my top five beauty mistakes I regret making.

    Beauty Mistakes I Regret Making

    1. Sleeping in Makeup
    When I first started wearing makeup, not only did I pile it on, but I didn’t take it off for days on end! It’s a miracle that I didn’t really get acne until I was an adult. What would start off as a cute smokey eye would transform into scary raccoon goggles. Although, since I was a pseudo emo kid, I didn’t mind. Oy vey!

    Comic Book Brows!

    2. Overplucking… then Over-Filling
    Before a couple years ago, I didn’t do too much to maintain my eyebrows. I would get rid of strays using eyebrow razors, but that’s about it. Like most people, I started off my eyebrow game by over plucking the hell out of them… I had always been a bit self conscious about their thickness as a kid, so I went pretty crazy. Then, after realizing that they didn’t match my face, I filled them in to the point where they looked cartoon-y. Thank goodness I’ve got them in control, now.

    3. Biting My Nails
    This is a beauty habit that took me thirteen years to stop! Although it wasn’t a conscious decision, I bit my nails from age 3 to 16. I tried everything to kick it, but it didn’t stop until I got my tonsils out and couldn’t bite down on anything for three weeks, so I went cold turkey. Biting my nails for so long ruined them in the long run. They break and peel really easily now, but at least I can do a quick fix with some nail strengthener.

    4. Doing Big Hair Changes at Home

    “So, why do you only tan your face…?”

    I started dying my hair in the fifth grade, including bleaching, and rarely went to a salon. I’ve also had extensions sewn into my hair by a family friend who claimed she knew what she was doing. Needless to say, I seriously regret the damage I’ve done by trying to save money and performing DIY hair transformations. Now, whenever I want to do something drastic, I trust a professional.

    5. All Over Bronze
    I remember my first bronzer like it was yesterday… it was the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder, and it came in their Glamour Revolution palette. It was so silky and smelled like candy! Well, not knowing a lot about makeup application at the time, I proceeded to apply this to my entire face with a heavy hand. I got a lot of people asking me if I had taken up fake tanning, and if so, why I was only tanning my face. 🙁

    So go on, spill, what beauty mistakes have you made?



    1. I too used to sleep in my makeup and when I did remove it i just used a wet wash cloth and just regular soap to remove it and moisturizer……never! I did a few months ago try coloring my hair on my own….. needless to say the results was not good…. lesson learned…..LOL!

    2. Hahahaha number 5 is hilarious. I’ve definitely been guilty of sleeping in my makeup as a teenager but luckily as far as things that actually did damage I skipped most of them. I didn’t bite my nails or pick at breakouts, but I did do big hair changes at home and I’m just so thankful my hair grew out!

    3. I grew up in the 80s, so pretty much every beauty trend we tried was a mistake! Claw bangs, rainbow-striped eyeshadows, neon-bright mascara (ok, I like that one) …. Give it another decade or two, and you will wonder what you were thinking when you went along with whatever the big trend was! lol!


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