3,000 Years of Beauty Standards [Video]

    Snaps to Buzzfeed for another video commentary on the standards of beauty as it relates to ideal body types. In their latest video, they explore beauty standards from the past 3,000 years and across different cultures.

    3,000 Years of Beauty Standards [Video]| Slashed Beauty

    From the Italian Renaissance (when it was all about that bass) to the roaring twenties (when a boyish body was the most feminine of all), you might just experience whiplash when you see how drastically the ideal body type has changed over time.

    The video is a good reminder that beauty is not one static characteristic. What’s considered desirable now may be the complete opposite in a mere decade. It’s fluid and subjective—not even in modern times will you find the exact same opinion on what or who is beautiful across the globe.

    What’s the universal feature between all of the beautiful ladies in the video? Each one of them emanates crazy high confidence.

    In conclusion, screw the ideal! It’s not the be-all and end-all of what’s beautiful, perfect, right or wrong. You do you, lady! What’s important is that you’re comfortable in your own skin, regardless of what’s “in.”

    Watch the video below:



    1. Interesting but they got a couple of the eras wrong. The Hollywood phase–although they said they were wearing 12/14s were not the 12/14s of today. Because of size inflation, they would be equivalent of 6/8s of today.

      • I don’t doubt the sizes changed over time…. they did in the last 5 years. but i don’t think Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe, Sofia Loren where size 6-8 from today. Talking of British sizes today. I don’t know if USA is the same equivalent. Other places in Europe they’re not.

        But I agree it is interesting. When I was a kid the skinnier you were, the best… and now big boobs and bump!! I am happy though hehehe.

    2. Thank you for sharing this post! I shared it on my FB page. I wonder what kind of body type will be trendy in 50 years’ time. Or maybe we’ll be sending holograms of ourselves outside while we sit indoors, controlling the holos via internet!

    3. What a neat video! It baffles me though … how is there is an ideal figure, and how do women try to achieve it?! Because we’re all so different!! In the past century, women have been born the way they are, and they can’t (and shouldn’t) change that! Ugh. Sillyness. I do remember the 90’s though. I grew up in the 90’s lol. It was so androgynous so true, I remember all the boyish clothes we wore haha. I’m virtually the opposite now haha.

    4. I really appreciate how you share thoughts on healthy body image and society’s perception of beauty in addition to all the fun makeup/style tips. Remembering inner beauty is so important. Thank you so much!



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