3 Staple Spring Skincare Products

    3 Staple Spring Skincare Products

    Winter is officially over, yahoo! I’ve still got a couple weeks until my university lets out for break, but I’m already 100% in spring mode. You know what that means: time for a spring skincare update! I’m keeping it simple this season: I’ve got three staple spring skincare products that keep my skin moisturized, healthy and protected.

    3 Staple Spring Skincare Products: STEAMCREAM

    You heard me rave about STEAMCREAM back in January, and this moisturizer continues to be my go-to for spring. It is extremely lightweight, but effective in not only hydrating my skin, but improving its overall balance and complexion. With all vegan ingredients like oats, lavender essential oil, sweet almond oil, and cocoa butter, STEAMCREAM is loaded with vitamins and nutrients. It can be used on the face and body, and comes in a variety of limited edition tins; pictured is the Thalia tin. ($20 w/ Free Worldwide Shipping, STEAMCREAM.com)

    Now that the sun is here to stay, there’s one thing you can not leave the house without: SPF. While I always recommend picking out a foundation that contains SPF in it, leaving your skin to be protected by your makeup is just not enough. By using sunscreen, you’ll be protecting your skin from the dangers of skin cancer, while also preventing the signs of aging and skin discoloration, according to Richie L. Lin, MD, board-certified dermatologist.

    3 Staple Spring Skincare Products: SolScents Sunscreen

    SolScents makes applying sunscreen a pleasant experience by awakening the senses with light, bright fragrances like vanilla, cucumber melon, raspberry and more. Their products range from SPF 15 to 50, and each bottle represents a different cause you can contribute to by purchasing. For example, a portion of the proceeds from purchasing the orange Vanilla Silk bottle helps support hunger awareness. The formula is light and emollient, and is waterproof up to 80 minutes. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy like other sunscreens, but rather moisturized and refreshed, which makes it perfect for wearing under makeup. ($14.95, SolScents.com)

    3 Staple Spring Skincare Products: SolScents Lip Balm

    When thinking about skincare, we mustn’t forget about our smoochers! Lip balm is essential as the climate changes— and yes, I’m still talking about SPF. Lips are also at risk when exposed to the sun, especially to discoloration and growths, and so need to be protected just as well. Skip the lipgloss (which has been shown to enhance the risks of the sun) and grab a lip balm from SolScents. Coordinate with the scent of your sunscreen, or mix and match! These ultra-moisturizing balms contain SPF 15, are waterproof and come in the same sweet scents that help support worthy causes. They have a slight sweet taste that fades quickly. ($3.95, SolScents.com)


    What better way to kick off spring than a giveaway? You can win all three of these staple spring skincare products by entering via the widget below. The more methods you use, the more entries you earn.


    DETAILS: Winner will receive one SolScents Sunscreen in Vanilla Silk, one SolScents lip balm in Cucumber Melon, and one STEAMCREAM in the Thalia tin. Must be 13 years or older and a resident of the continental United States. Enter using the Giveaway Tools widget. Each entry method will earn you additional entries, increasing your chance of winning. Giveaway ends on April 10th, 2014 at 11:59 PM. The winner will have 24 hours to redeem prize via reply to email sent by me, otherwise a new winner will be chosen. The method of entry will be verified; if it cannot be verified, a new winner will be chosen. The STEAMCREAM and SolScents products will be shipped separately.

    Good luck, and happy spring!!!



    1. Haven’t tried Solscents yet. Steamcream is a good moisturizer, I just wish the scent is less on the herbal side ‘tho

    2. The SolScents sound awesome. I really dislike the typical scent of sunscreen, and that keeps me from using it on my face as often as I should. Kiehls makes a nice unscented one that I can abide, but I’d love to try this! Usually, I just stay inside. There are so many bitey things and it’s so hot outside in Florida! lol


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