15 New Beauty Discoveries You Need to Check Out ASAP

    As much as I love to think that I’m totally in tune with what’s going on in the beauty world, there are still so many brands and products I have yet to discover. This past weekend, I attended Cosmoprof here in Vegas, which is a beauty trade show closed to the public. Brands present their latest and greatest products to press and other professionals in the industry, and there was certainly a lot to see. I was happy to check out brands I already know and love, but I was particularly interested in discovering new beauty brands and unique products to introduce to you all!


    Watch the video above to get a closer look at my favorite new beauty products I discovered at Cosmoprof. Keep reading below for a quick overview, and where to find them online!


    Discover 15 new beauty products from up and coming brands that you're about to become obsessed with. | Slashed Beauty

    1 // Sphynx Portable Razor
    Probably the most practical of the new beauty products I discovered, the Sphynx Portable Razor gives you everything you need to shave on the go. I’ve definitely been there— out and about, noticing a majorly missed spot of hair. This would be awesome to keep in your purse or car for emergency situations! ($14.99, Ulta Beauty)

    2 // LeChat Dare to Wear Mood Polish
    This nail polish changes color with temperature activation, just like a mood ring! I love the shade “A Bit Chilly,” which changes from a purple to icy white. There are 15 duos in the line, and the color is quick to change. I love seeing the shade transform, and it definitely adds something special to your look! ($5.75, Amazon)

    Discover 15 new beauty products from up and coming brands that you're about to become obsessed with. | Slashed Beauty

    3 // The Vintage Cosmetics Company Lashes
    These lashes have pin-up girl written all over them! With styles from natural to Betty Boop bold, you’ll rock a ton of vintage flare every time you wear them. ($6, Ulta Beauty)

    4 // The Vintage Cosmetics Company Manicure Purse
    This cute miniature clutch contains everything you need for your on-the-go nail troubles: a file, cuticle pusher, clippers and scissors. If you break your nail or discover a hangnail while away from home, this will come in extremely handy (no pun intended!) so the situation isn’t made worse. The feminine case reminds me of a vintage carpet bag with a modern flare. ($10.95, QVC)

    5 // PreHeels Blister Prevention Spray
    Here’s a product that can seriously solve one of the biggest fashion problems! The PreHeels Blister Prevention Spray creates a clear barrier between your feet and shoes to prevent irritation from rubbing. Spray it anywhere you’re prone to blisters and you’ll stay comfortable all night. The film is clear and blocks shoe friction so that beauty doesn’t have to mean pain. ($14.99, Amazon)

    6 // Vita Liberata Body Blur
    This tanning lotion works more like body makeup, giving you an instant bronze while blurring and smoothing the skin. It lasts until it’s washed off, so you don’t have to commit. The BB formula evens out skin tone and texture and can be used on both the face and body for a natural looking finish. You have to watch the video to see the instant before & after! ($45, Sephora)

    7 // Dermae Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil
    This new cleansing oil is light but effective. It feels great on my combo skin and melts off makeup in a flash. My skin feels incredibly moisturized— yet fresh— after using, and feels extra smooth. It won’t strip your skin, but can tackle the heaviest of makeup days! The pump makes application super easy, as well. ($15.99, Ulta Beauty)

    This one will have to be tested to get a stamp of recommendation from me, but the idea is solid! The product is based on dermaplaning, which is a treatment that removes the outer most layer of skin for a brighter complexion. The DERMAFLASH is a little less intense, removing peach fuzz and dead skin cells for smooth skin that makeup will look flawless on. I’m just wondering if I can get the same effects with my Twinkle razor… ($189, Sephora)

    9 // Oui Glow Rich Collagen Face Mask
    Your new go-to face mask, the Oui Glow Rich Collagen Face Mask is great as a prep step or in your nightly routine. The collagen and fruit extracts give you a hydrated glow while brightening and toning your skin. I love the chic packaging and the affordable price point! ($39 for a pack of 12, Amazon)

    Discover 15 new beauty products from up and coming brands that you're about to become obsessed with. | Slashed Beauty

    10 // Note Cosmetics Mattemoist Lip Gloss
    The Mattemoist Lip Gloss reads like a liquid lipstick. It’s incredibly pigmented and dries down while retaining a slight sheen. It’s a comfortable formula made with hydrating oils that’s easy to glide onto the lips without streaks. ($9.99, Ulta Beauty)

    11 // Note Cosmetics Long Wearing Lip Gloss
    The Long Wearing Lip Gloss from Note is much more like a traditional lip gloss, with a cushy feel that stays slick. It’s incredibly hydrating with a formula infused with Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. It’s got strong color but retains a slight translucency. ($8.99, Ulta Beauty)

    12 // Note Cosmetics Long Wearing Lipstick
    The Long Wearing Lipstick goes on completely opaque and is available in both neutral and stand-out bold shades. It feels incredibly creamy on the lips and doesn’t settle into the lines. ($9.99, Ulta Beauty)

    13 // Note Cosmetics Terracotta Blusher
    I LOVE this blush, which has a beautiful satin finish that glows. Made with Macadamia Oil, it’s incredibly soft and buttery, blending like a dream. You might even be able to get away with skipping the highlight, though it’s more of a subtle sheen that stays looking natural. ($17.99, Ulta Beauty)

    14 // Note Cosmetics Terracotta Powder
    Just like the Terracotta Blusher, this highlighting powder has the softest texture I’ve felt! The powder gives a beautiful glow without sparkle. I don’t find it to accentuate uneven texture on my skin, either. You can apply it wet for a more intense highlight that blinds. ($17.99, Ulta Beauty)

    15 // Note Cosmetics SunGlow Foundation SPF 15
    While this is labelled as foundation, I believe it’s more suitable to highlight… because it’s CRAZY radiant. Mix it into your own foundation for a custom glow, or use it as a highlight on its own. I love mixing it in with my matte foundations to make them a little more luminous, as well as boosting sun protection with the SPF 15. ($11.99, Ulta Beauty)

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