Special Event & Date Night Makeup Tutorial

    It seems like everyone I know has a special event to go to lately! Proms, formals, weddings… Although I’m not going anywhere fancy any time soon, I wanted an excuse to get all dolled up, and so this tutorial was born!

    Special Event & Date Night Makeup Tutorial

    I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve fallen into a neutral eyes rut. Wait… is there really such a thing? Perhaps not, but my goal this spring and summer is to introduce more color into my eye makeup. I thought I’d find a happy medium by creating a look that incorporated color but wasn’t very loud. This makeup look works for a variety of different occasions– it could be date night makeup, wedding guest makeup, or for any special event really. Whether you’re a bit color-shy, or you gotta have it all the time, this look will be right up your alley.

    Special Event & Date Night Makeup Tutorial

    The best part is, I only used drugstore products to create it, hooray! By the way, no, I’m not wearing a doily. It’s actually a sequin dress that I would typically wear to a nice event… but the body doesn’t show in the pictures or video, doy! Anyway, watch the tutorial to see how I got this look. 🙂

    Easy peasy, right?

    Products Used:

    I’ve been using this eyeliner technique recently, and am working to really get it down pat. By starting your eyeliner on your tear duct (extending the top inner corner liner downwards), you can create the illusion of wider almond shaped eyes.

    Are you attending any cool events soon?



    1. You look fabulous Miranda! I’m into makeunder these days, I skip colorful eye makeup in favor of mascara and bright bold lips.

    2. Very pretty!

      Yes, it is entirely possible to fall into a neutrals rut. I did it for years. 😀 I am making myself get more colourful and I must say, I am really enjoying it. 😀


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